AWA Notification

Team Selection Trials 2016 World Championships

The following team selection trials are due to take place at the locations and dates indicated.

Team selection trials for the 2016 World Championships for Scale Model

Aircraft are to be held on the following dates and locations.

F4C18 October 2015 at the NFG/State field, Victoria. Contact Noel

Whitehead  Closing date for applications 1 October 2015.


F4H weekend of the 12th and 13th of December 2015 NSW State flying field

in Cootamundra. Contact Anthony Closing

date for applications Friday 13 November 2015.


As is normal practice with scale trials, a $200 non refundable entry fee

is to be paid with the application.

Team Trial for the 2016 F5B World Championships

     Format:    Single Trial

     Location:   Delatite Road, Mansfield, Victoria

     Date:    30 & 31 January 2016

     Entry fee:   $15.00 entry fee per competitor.  Nil deposit required.
    Contact Keith

The Venue For AWA Annual General Meeting will be 31st August Yokine Recreation Centre commencing at 8:00 pm.

Members wishing to nominate for a position on the AWA Executive Committee please find the attached nomination form and complete and return to AWA no later than the 24th of August.
Please note the AWA council meeting that was to be held on the 17th of August will be rescheduled and be held on the same night as the AGM the 31st of August.